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Full Version: What's the best site to watch free movies?
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Hi folks,

I would like to know, What's the best site to watch free movies?
Crackle tops my list for the best place to watch free movies online because through their partnership with Sony Pictures they have hundreds of full-length free movies you can watch. These are big name movies with stars you know.

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You can download movies from tamilrockers website.
So, movie fans, if you're serious about this whole staying-in thing and catching up on the latest releases, let us offer you a few non-Netflix and chill options for streaming movies online (although yes, Netflix is in there too).

The best if you're looking for a wide selection: Amazon Prime
The best for movies you love: Hulu
The best for easy streaming: Netflix
The best for popular movies: HBO Go / HBO Now
The best for actually free movie viewing: Crackle
The best for Hollywood films: iTunes
The best for international appeal: YouTube
The best for hidden gems: Popcornflix
The best for free (with ads): Vudu
The best for true cinephiles: Filmstruck