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Full Version: Where can I order get VPS web hosting packages?
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- 100 gbs of disk space, - 4 tb of bandwidth, - Linux, - 24/7 customer support
& I also need to register 2 .COM domains
I am considering to get VPS web hosting packages and also reg domains.
What do you know about them? What host would you choose? And why?
Thank you for this informatiom
So, I have a good time since I've been hosting my websites with cheap VPS in NL.
I have no server crashes or hacker attacks, my site is always up and it costs many resources when users take the videochat, but the performance is everytime good.
Extremely satisfied with vps hosting service. Customer support replies in 7-8 MINUTES! The Control Panel has everything you need.
Network uptime is great and their promise (99.9% uptime guarantee) is correct. They offer monthly and hourly payments.
The volume of comments from happy customers led me to call them. team have perfected the art of great customer service. Extremely knowledgeable and very patient.
I will strongly recommend them to anybody.
If you want to host just a simple dynamic website with database, Simple Shared hosting will work for you.

While you choose Web hosting provider, the most important things you should takeĀ  into consideration are, Cost effectiveness, Reliability, 24/7 Support availability, Quality User support & Performance.

I would recommend you to go with Hostgator Company.

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