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Full Version: Does the Physical Location of Your Server Matter?
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Hello folks,

Does the Physical Location of Your Server Matter?

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The location of your website’s server directly affects the speed of your website. The closer your visitors are to your website’s data center, the faster your website loads for them.

The time a server takes to receive and process a request from a visitor is known as its latency. In cases where the server is located on a different continent from the user, latency is known to increase and affect page load time adversely.
(2019-04-09, 08:11:32)Brianvoges Wrote: [ -> ]Hello folks,

Does the Physical Location of Your Server Matter?

NATA Delhi | NATA Coaching in Gurgaon

Here are few factors to consider.

1)Cost effectiveness-
If your hosting company servers is in developing countries then The overhead costs are lower in these countries. This can include electricity costs, wages and taxes among other factors. Because the involved costs are lower, you can get access to lower prices and thus save a lot in the long-term for the same amount of reliability and security.
For lowering your cost I suggest you to go for your locality.

2)Google Ranking Varies for Different Countries
A person searching for your domain sitting in India will see your website's rank higher in search engines, if your website is hosted in India. A person sitting in US and UK won't see the same search engine results before finalizing the country where you would want to host your website, think about the audience you want to target. It is always suggested to host your website in a country from where you expect the maximum amount of traffic.

3)A Fast Loading Website is a Must
A user living far away from the server of your website will always see your website loading very slowly compared to the person who is closer to the server. A slow website always irritates the visitor and they normally tend to switch to another similar website. And, you don't want that to happen to your website, do you? So, once again you need to choose your location of hosting such that your maximum potential visitors come from places closest to the place of hosting.

4)Customer Support
Always look for the hosting company which provide 24*7 support.
Above are some things which you need to be consider while choosing a geographical location for the server.