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Full Version: US web hosting with .NET domains?
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- 100 gbs of disk space, - 2 tb of bandwidth, - Linux, - 24/7 customer support
& I also need to register 2 .net domains
Any recommendations please?
What host is better ? What are your views on provider?
Any reviews please?
Save Big on Hosting - 50% off 1st month on all Servers/VPS plans. is a great host service!
Quick customer response and outstanding support 24 hours a day. I wouldn't host anywhere else.
No doubt, is a reliable web host. Their service is low-cost, and taking into account the features, free bonuses and the most important is customer support - the price is really the best of the best.
Can recommend Dedicated Server Hosting packages.
Uptime is great, I've never had any down time and my visitors are happy with the speed connectivity.
Features are excellent.