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Full Version: Dedicated hosting account required (Server location - USA)
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Require up to 3 tbs of disk space, Linux, managed. Server location - USA
What can you say about server hosting services?
How are their web hosting solutions? Any fresh discounts or promos offered by them?
All hosting service encounters problems from time to time, but I'm quite impressed with the resources puts into action to resolve issues quickly. I'm also impressed with their tech support.
I can add that have superb reputation and offer really feature-packed hosting deals. As for their plans, the cost is good for what they have to offer, they through in a lot of extra stuff in the cpanel area which is very useful, for example, fantasico, which let's you install many useful scripts by filling out a small form and hitting a submit button.
Give a try - many webmasters appreciate the work they do for them. I have no downtime and speed connectivity is ok, my pages load very fast. Everyone should try them out!
You will be pleased with provider. It hosts my sites and I changed to them from another host because of problems with the previous host.
My experience with this web host has been 100 percent positive.
You can try with them but before placing an order must check SLA & Response time. Cheers!