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Full Version: Get 20% off on Web hosting plans
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eWebGuru one of the leading web hosting providers in India, including site development, web application development, hosting solutions, and so. In hosting services, they offer all types of Web hosting to all sites. They have a variety of affordable Web hosting plans that can be suitable for all budgetary peoples.
On knowing the growing demand over the Web hosting eWebGuru offers an attractive discount for their clients who picks any web hosting packages. 
New users can avail of a whopping 20% discount on all the plans under Web hosting packages. Without compromising, any of the premium features, the host provider eWebGuru, offers 20% discounts on all their hosting plans.
     Hosting Features Offered by eWebGuru
  • eWebGuru Offers Dedicated Server Located in Indian Tier 4 Data Center to its clients
  • eWebGuru provides the fastest hosting servers in India
  • The server network latency of eWebGuru is below 30 Milliseconds
  • The eWebGuru server of normal hosting packages located in NAP of the Americans, in Miami Florida
  • eWebGuru utilizes CISCO-only routers and Switches for their server top gain data redundancy