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Full Version: What reliable hosts can you suggest me looking at?
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150 gbs of disk space, bandwidth - 3 TB, Linux.
I have found and - What can you say about their service?
Their server hosting plans look ok for my sites. What are your views on their services, pricing, features?
Aware of Kvchosting as one of the old provider in the industry , evaluate your requirements accordingly and choose one.
I have been hosting my sites at servers in Russia for over 2 years now and they rock. They are a budget host, and you have to know your stuff since their service does not include helping newbies. That aside the quality of their hardware is top notch. The reliability of their network is amazing.
I'm very happy going with hosting and for sure i will be using them for years..
It is really awesome. I have multiple website and my website got little slow a while ago and when I posted a ticket they responded very fast and offered me to move to different server.
My experience with has been stellar! Customer support has been second to none - helpful, patient and thorough support staff.
The most important for me are their reliable hosting services combined with an extremely competent support personnel. They provide an outstanding and prompt help.
Frankly speaking, I was a bit worrying about hosting, but after reading good customer hosting reviews I decided to give them a try.
Have to rely on their tech support to set up certain settings, but they are very willing to do so, and they do it promptly upon request.
There are such a large number of decisions with regards to hosting a site that it tends to be an overwhelming assignment to discover a web host that is appropriate for your requirements. A web host must satisfy following these reasons:
  • Reliability:
Each time your site goes down, so does your number of visitors. In the event that you lose visitors, at that point you lose benefit, individuals, reputation, and so forth. You can’t bear the cost of for your site to be down—notwithstanding for a short measure of time! To guarantee the web host you’re taking a reliable, discover what number of clients they have, check whether they have an ensured up-time, scan for complaints about them on the web and ask different clients utilizing their administration about their experience.
  • Speed:
Speed is a big factor right now for your website. Cause no body will look up to a slower websites. 90% of the website speed depends on the web host. Such as server response time, server enhancement, apache caching and etc. And other 10% depends on your scripts. Such as JS, CSS and other programming languages (PHP, ASP, JAVA and so on).
  • Space:
Ensure you have all that could possibly be needed space for what you intend to do with your site. Web space is certainly cheap, so get a great deal of it.
  • Bandwidth:
Ensure that you have enough bandwidth for your website. Otherwise it will slower your website and it will remove you from the server.
  • Support:
When you will have a problem with your web host make sure you have enough good support for it. Otherwise you will need to learn a lot of technical terms.
  • Security:
Now a days information is everything. Whole world is bow downing to the information. So security is a big matter for everyone. You have to ensure a very good security for your website from your We Hosting.
  • Standard Pricing:
A web hosting with good pricing with good cpu, ram , bandwidth and space.