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Full Version: Need good dedicated server host. My budget is $100/month
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I would like to get web hosting. Linux.
Dual E5-2620, 32gb ram, 1x 2TB disk or 500gb SSD
+ need to register .com domains (3 domains). My budget is $100/month
Do you know anything about dedicated server hosting services ?
Their web hosting & domain registration services?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?
I'm impressed with support team. Always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I have not had one day of trouble from this hosting account, and only contact them to help me set up issues with my domain. Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value.
To start with, have a smart and easy to navigate website of their own.
They offer instant setup - no prepayments, no credit cards are asked. It has been the perfect web hosting provider for me.
I like this decent hosting provider. The fact is that provide one of the best customer support I've ever encountered. They are honest, fast and their professionalism goes outside the bounds. In fact, I never waited more than 30 minutes, even when submitting support tickets at 3 or 4 in the morning on weekends.