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Full Version: want to host 2 blogs (wordpress)
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I am planning to host over 2 blogs (wordpress).
Found and web host and their hosting deals look quite good for my budget.
Are they trustworthy? Alternatives to compare pricing, features?
You'd better choose HostingSource for running Wordpress blogs. Service reply times can also be one more significant factor.
I get a reply in under 10 a few minutes normally, coming from a capable person who in fact is aware of precisely what these are undertaking.
Uptime is great and the support team are amazing, Hostforweb go beyond what is expected to help you. Could not have asked for a better hosting provider in my opinion!
I love web hosting! I'm a Wordpress developer and I recommend their web hosting solutions to my clients. I know that if I'm working on a website that is on this web host, any questions or issues I have are resolved quickly by amazing support people who are cheerful, friendly and knowledgeable.
Hey guys, I'd like to tell you about my experience using web hosting service.
For me it's a very good solution. So far, a very happy customer. I'll update my comments in the near future.
Highly recommend their hosting service.