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Full Version: would like to get cloud server web hosting
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I would like to get cloud server web hosting.
Do you know anything about Hostyd cloud hosting services ?
Their web hosting & domain registration services?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?
Will be with Hostyd web host for a long time. Reliable, cost-effective, virtually trouble-free operation. When problems occur, they provide great technical support - quick replies to my questions, fast turn-around on technical problems, problems get fixed right the first time. I've found their promos:
Six Points to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting

There are six factors to take into account on how to choose web hosting. It won't be an easy task but in the event you'll know about the essential features you should pay attention to, the task won't be as difficult. There are a number of things you should look into but for starters, here are the top six.

Space: The space offered by the hosting agency should generally be more than the distance you need. You would be wise to decline a hosting service if it couldn't satisfy the space limitation you demand or want to have. Nowadays, it's typical to request at least 50 GB of space. Think twice on a hosting service offering lower than this capability.

Bandwidth: It should at least be 1 GB or more. If it is lower than 1 GB, you may experience problems with the website especially in peak hours when many people see the website at exactly the exact same time.

Script and Database: My hosting service businesses support the usage of PHP, MySQL and CGI and this is going to be very useful to many of you. Some even offer free web hosting for all these attributes.

FTP Support. An efficient FTP service is necessary for all necessary documents to be uploaded considerably faster to the website. Not all service providers offer such service so it's imperative to ask this first.

Ads: There are many free web hosting providers but you should be aware that in place of providing you free hosting, they will probably put banner ads on your website. They'll profit from such banners each time it's clicked on your website. Some banner ad placements go overboard it makes your site looks cramped and"dirty." This may leave a bad impression on your customers and may be discouraged to return. Thus, think twice about resorting to free web hosting services. Your website may look more professional if you decide to pay instead.

Maximum File Upload: Many suppliers produce a size limit on files you can upload on your website. If the files you need to upload are larger than the established maximum, it is going to cause problems for you. Generally speaking, you want to pick a web host that will allow big file uploads to minimize problems when setting up your website.