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Full Version: What's the best server provider in the USA?
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What's the best server provider in the USA?
need reseller hosting account: 150 gbs of HD, 3 TBs of bandwidth, Linux.
Is that ? Or ...?
I believe that web host is good if you do not need to contact support team at all and is such kind of provider!
I feel really lucky to have happened onto a company that does business the way I do, by exceeding customer expectations.
I think you would be better served by
They are the best host there is in America.
We use their service in New Jersey and we never needed to call them even once in last 2 years for any issue.
(2020-06-09, 10:50:16)Sagiscorpio Wrote: [ -> ]What's the best server provider in the USA?
need reseller hosting account: 150 gbs of HD, 3 TBs of bandwidth, Linux.
Is that ? Or ...?
Servers from bodHOST are the best server provider in the USA. Managed Dedicated Servers housed in a Tier IV Data center backed with 24x7 Customer Support, easy upgrade options, and full migration assistance.

Why bodHOST?

Industry Presence
Established in 2002, successfully hosting websites for over 18 years!

Multiple Data Centers
World-class data centers locations across the US, Canada, UK as well as India.

Migration Assistance
Free! Migrating From Another Host.

99.95% Uptime SLA
99.95% uptime with services to help maintain your online presence.

24/7 Support
Quality support whenever needed,  24x7 availability.

Secure Hardware
We ensure your websites hosted on the best and most secure hardware and software available.
Their control panels are easy to use and intuitive as well as account and billing interface.
I have an issue in one small area Technical Support almost impossible to get them on the phone and the live chat service is really a hit or miss you never really know when they will be available.
I feel fortunate to have found web host and recommend them highly.
They were answered so quickly that it almost seemed to be a chat session. The team has high integrity and they value each customer.
a best hosting provider not who offe best prices rather who offer best features and high quality services.
if you want a web hosting server than you can go with any one because so many reputed names are available on the internet. but one this k i would suggest you that don't choose any hosting serve based on the pricing factor, try to look at features also and consider some fecatrors which you need for your website like
- high traffic rang
- a responsive server
- high authority hosying
- good uptime
- higher level of security
- regular backup
- upgraded versions
- high disk space