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Full Version: What is Softaculous and How to Get Started?
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Most of the web-enabled applications having blogging, eCommerce, and other solutions like WordPress need to be installed in some steps. According to the WordPress installation method, you need to download the zip file having a compete setup, unzip the package, create a database with correct user privileges, edit .php file, upload files to the website directory and run a WordPress installation script. WordPress says that it is a very easy installation method but in this article, I will provide you another less painful solution to get these web applications. You will learn what is softaculous and how you can get started to install your required web applications with a single click.

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Softaculous is an "auto installer" application which allows the installation of more than 370 great scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and etc. and 1115 PHP Classes by the click of a button. To access Softaculous, you need to login to cPanel first.
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Softaculous installation scripts cover a wide range of web applications. Categories include ad management, blogging, content management, CRM, customer support, eCommerce, ERP, and more. Currently, 325 scripts are available.

Installation of a web application through Softaculous is designed to be a 1-click process, after filling in any necessary information on the install tab for the application concerned. Softaculous then automatically organizes database configuration, user permissions, web server files, and installation.

Using Softaculous to Install Applications:
To start installing with Softaculous, first log into the Softaculous application via cPanel, as an example. Then, choose an application from the list on the left-hand side of the screen.

Softaculous policy is to update its application options to reflect the latest stable versions. User options in Softaculous allow the language to be changed, the screen display of side menus to be adjusted, and the default time zone to be redefined.

Many of the applications are associated with scripts written in standard PHP, although Softaculous also offers some JavaScript, Perl, and PHP class functionality for the more technically-minded.