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Full Version: Step by Step Guide To Transfer Hosting Like a Professional
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There are many reasons why website owners change the web hosting provider but it is necessary for them to understand the migration process to transfer hosting without facing any major issues. Otherwise, they should hire an employee for this process or rely on third-parties by outsourcing that is very risky for a website having confidential data. If you can never share your website private data then it is mandatory to learn how to transfer hosting and protect your private data from breaches.

In this article, you will learn the website migration process from one web host to another with the help of different tools and step by step guide. This article is especially for you if your website is developed using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SMF, or phyBB2.

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Find a Host That Suits Your Needs With Hands-on Migration Support
Whatever your reason for wanting to make a move, one huge way you can make that easier is to find a new hosting provider that offers free migration and after-move support.

Many web hosts, like those in the table below, are both WordPress-friendly and offer users assistance during migration. When selecting a new host, it’s important to ask if it will help move your files, including uploads, themes, and plugins, and your site’s database.

Dive in and see if the host will help make sure paths are updated in the database and website so that everything works on the new server just as it did on the previous server — and hopefully better.