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Full Version: good hosting for e-commerce site + backups?
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guys, I need help to choose managed server for e-commerce site + backups, ddos protection
Found web host and their managed server deals look quite good for my budget.
Are they trustworthy? Alternatives to compare pricing, features?
The quality of hosting is very good, i would recommend this host to other webmasters. I love the features they provide although i wish they had a slightly better domain manager like the one you find on other host providers but that is all i can think of, everything else has been superb and the privacy and security are excellent.
Hostnamaste has the best plans to offer. They have plans for every segment of the population.
I wish they provided collaborative features with their plans.
I am sure they will do that in the coming time.
No complaints so far, and I recommend web host to anyone who wants to host multiple domain names on the same server for a nominal cost.
I am already planning on upgrading my subscription. As far as I have seen my site has 99.9% uptime.
You may notice many different kinds of web hosting providers and all of them are top of their quality.
I am 100% sure and their OpenVZ VPS plans will meet your requirements.
According to reviews, their IT technicians are well-trained and absolutely committed to their clients' satisfaction.
i would recommed you serverwala for the best hosting provider for the e-commerce site. i thibnk best hosting is not decidecby a good rice rather features and quality of services does matter.
a best hosting provider should be
- responsive
- thrustworthy