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Full Version: EU web hosting services ?
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I would like to get web hosting. Linux. EU location! need over 50-70 gbs of disk space (SSD)
Do you know anything about EU web hosting services ?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?
I recommend shared hosting to all of my friends and plan to be with them for a very long time.
Good service. I use the site to run my business and check e-mail on it everyday, and the network performance is about as fast as any of the other services out there.

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I recommend using
They are flexible with their hosting offers.
They are also reliable with their excellent technical support staff.
I run my Business website using their services and I am a happy customer since I did that.
IMHO, you will be pleased running your websites at servers.
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The quality of the hosting is very good, i would recommend this host to other webmasters. I can say that I am fully-satisfied with service.
Amazed about the capabilities of these guys, not only the support is incredible to the point of actually tweaking your website (Drupal based) and upgrading stuff but the answers have been spot on.
I have never been this satisfied, up until I migrated to hosting. They could not have been more helpful. I never had a problem.
Reliable, easy to manage, a good interface, has done a nice job for my client for over a year now.
want web hosting, then so many web hosting provider's names are available on the internet. but i suggest don't choose a hosting server based on google results. because you want a responsive server, not a website that have good SEO. 

NO one can better explain the service quality except a customer so first, read the customer's review so that you have an approx guess that what type of services you will get if you go with. then you should consider some factors regarding 
-website type
- server location
- required features
- security services
- traffic range
-responsive server
- backup services
- prices