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Full Version: Good VPS web hosting services ?
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I would like to get VPS web hosting. Linux. need over 50-70 gbs of disk space
Do you know anything about VPS web hosting services ?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?
I can say that I am fully-satisfied with service. Many of my clients are also happy with their service.
They did a nice job in transferring my web applications - even if one single of them appeared not compatible with some of their security settings.
I can also say that KVCHosting is the best.
They have a good support service and offer a reliable and healthy experience.
And they are compatible with all the requests that we make.
They have 'hosting plans' that suit all the needs of the people.
I chose web host and I can honestly say that it is the best choice of web host i've ever done.
Their features have certainly gotten better and they now offer a lot more for the same price.
Servers are reliable. Overall they're just a great web host.
I've finally found a good home with hosting. I especially love their support. Uptime and speed connectivity have been also great.
They are a lovely bunch of people, quick to serve and extremely helpful - I recommend them.
Virtual private sever are the best web hosting type if you looking for the a hosting with advanced features and at affordable price. so many hosting providers are available on the internet who provide vps hosting.
in this case it is hard to choose right one for you so i would suggest you that don't sell t any hosting based on the pricing factors. make sure that all features you will need for run your website perfectly are included in your hosting plan.
features you should consider are
- website type
- server location
- traffic range
- disk space
- security services
- backup service
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