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Full Version: How Website Backup is useful when the website got crashed?
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Does your website have a crash plan?

There are many who actually don’t ready for this situation. Many think it is a tough process for being ready for this situation. It is somehow difficult but you can do one thing to stand against the situation that happens in the future.

That thing is keeping a backup for your website.
  • Make at least three website copies
  • Keep the first copy on your local computer
  • Second copy with the web hosting provider
  • And, the third copy should be on the live website
Read more about the reasons why business owners need a website backup & get to know their importance in detail.
As a business, you cannot afford to lose your website data even for a single day. A major data loss can happen due to various reasons, including:

Human Error
Even a seemingly innocent human error can cause your site to crash, causing you to lose data. Regular backups of your website can help your business recover quickly from such a data loss and get your operations back on track.

Website Hack

In recent years, cybercriminals have successfully executed data breaches resulting in the loss of critical business data, including customer records, payment transactions, and database records. In the event of a successful hack, your priority would be to recover this critical data and restore your website without losing any time. While there are many services to remove malware, a sound backup strategy can be a lifesaver.

Natural Disasters
Depending on the geographical location of your business infrastructure, natural disasters like floods or even cyclones can seriously damage your hosting systems resulting in loss of business data. In this case, a backup stored on storage systems located in another country or geographical location can easily be used to restore your site.

Server Crash or Failure

Data loss can also happen due to website crashes or failure of your servers. Backup systems can store your backup data on independent or cloud-based systems, which are not impacted by any server failure or crash.

Unsuccessful Updates
WordPress Updates are regularly released to improve security and avail new functionalities. This typically involves updating the main WordPress version or each of its installed plugins/themes. However, in some instances, the update process can end up breaking or crashing your business site.