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Full Version: I would like to get VPS hosting. Linux.
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I would like to get VPS hosting. Linux.
+ need to register .com domains (2 domains).
Do you know anything about VPS hosting services ?
Their web hosting & domain registration services?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews? is the best host there is in the market.
They provide reliable VPS hosting at affordable hosting prices.
Apart from that, they also serve their customers to make their websites accessible to the public.
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I am very much satisfied with customer service, they are available 24/7 and provide instant service whenever required.
I recommend affordable hosting solutions to all of my friends and plan to be with them for a very long time.
Good service. I use the site to run my business and check e-mail on it everyday, and the network performance is about as fast as any of the other services out there.
Cool web host. They have DataCenters in Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, Mexico, Guatemala, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia.
Must say that I was fully-impressed with service. Their technical support is outstanding!
So many names are availble on the internet who have vps hosting. i think virtual private server is the best option if you want run a web site with a high responsive server at the affordable prices.

And it is great that you already have a list of your needs, now what you have to do just take two names and compare than based on given factors so that you ca choose best one for you.

- high traffic range
- advanced festures
- upgraded version
- higher level of security system
- good uptime
- price
I started with hosting about two years ago. They were quite friendly and helpful in getting my website transferred over to them.
I love the prices. The server was down for about 15 minutes one month. That's pretty good up time!