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Full Version: choosing reliable e-host
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I need help to choose reliable e-host along with helpful techs.
What are your views on shared web hosting ?
I need Linux hosting with huge amount of HD and Bandwidth.
What host is better? And why?
The best way to choose a web host is by figuring out what your hosting needs are then finding the right fit.

1. Find a reputable hosting company.

Things that a reputable company offer are:

Good Value: Prices and features are competitive with similar hosting plans.
Speed: How fast your web pages load. This keeps your visitors from fleeing and helps with Google page rank.
Support: 27/7/365 Phone Email and Chat support
Uptime: How long your site is online - look for no less than 99.95% uptime. Preferably 99.99%.
Security: Read reviews – do others complain about getting viruses or malware even though they secure their sites well.

2. Find a hosting package.

There are quite a few hosting packages and the one you choose will depend on:

The technical requirements of your website.
Your technical ability.
Your budget.