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Full Version: VPS (Netherlands) hosting services ? only for $1 ? is it true?
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I would like to get web hosting. Linux. need over 50-70 gbs of disk space
Do you know anything about VPS (Netherlands) hosting services ? Only for $1 ? How is it?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?
I got set up in under an hour, and downtime has been really scarce, which is incredible.
The most impressive aspect of is the reaction time for technical queries.
Netherlands VPS for only $1 - is a really cool special offer.
I've have never had a problem with any of the sites hosted at VPS hosting account. Their control panel is intuitive and powerful.
Service offers me a lot of freedom when creating/modifying my sites with support for PHP, MySQL, PERL and all that good stuff.
I do believe $1 is not a fortune .
You can go to their web site and sign up.
BTW, that would be a good idea to hear your review after all.
I simply believe that people who work hard and deliver excellent work should be rewarded and these people really should. team continue to impress me with their high quality included web applications, powerful control panel, great reliability and excellent pricing.