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Full Version: Cheap SSDVPS hosting?
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Hello! need hosting: 100 gbs of disk space, Linux, 2000 gbs of bandwidth.
Are you aware of SSDVPS hosting?
Are they good enough, so I can start considering and using them?
I recommend hosting to anyone who appreciates great customer service.
Always reliable service and personal support. Would highly recommend to any potential customers.
I know provide a very cost-effective solution for small web-sites, provide MySQL and PHP support, and as far as I have experienced have a good record on uptime and accessibility. Their billing/renewal etc. has always been impeccable.
So far have been an exceptional host. They are fast, great customer service. I have no complaints.
Frankly speaking, I was impressed by homepage - they have well-designed web site where all the information is easy to understand.
I've always found the Customer Service top notch via Skype. They treat me personally and have called me on a few ocassions as well.