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Full Version: Good Webhoster for Wordpress site?
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Hey Guys,
does anyone has a clue, which webhoster has good conditions for CMS Sytems like Wordpress? I dont know much about IT, so i want to have a webhoster, that has a very good support. Also i want to have good prices for what i get. Any info on website hosting solutions? Are they reliable?
Thank you guys anyway for help.
So far, I am extremely impressed with quality of the service.
There is nothing that counts more than decent support and they go beyond the call.

I really hope the rest of the support team are like this.
Good hosting services are reproduced with great precision testifying to a perfect ability to work.
I think you will make the right decision to choose or website hosting solutions.
You need to settle for a reliable host that charges a reasonably high rate and offers good service.
I know is a good cheap hosting. The web control panel is sometimes a little slow but very powerful.
No outages for my site in the 9 months I've been with them.
AccuWeb Hosting is probably a renown name. While most free hosting comes along with extra promotional banners or ads, the great thing about this service is that you do not have to deal with all those hassles. Whats more is that unlike other laggy and slow services, this hosting provides you with ten times faster WordPress optimized servers.

With lifetime guarantee of free hosting service, you also get 2 GB SSD storage space and 30 GB monthly bandwidth. Ideal for around 5000 visitors on a monthly basis, you can easily set it up as well. And to enjoy the lifetime free service, all you need to do is sign up for absolutely no cost and with nonrequirement of credit card details!