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Full Version: What are Dedicated Servers?
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Like other website owners, you launched your website using shared hosting, that is the cheapest option ever. However, as the website visitors grow, it is essential to upgrade your hosting capacity as per the business requirements. You may have considered; what are dedicated servers – and why you need them?

The answer is based on the reason why you need to upgrade your current hosting plan. For example, you may be dealing with anticipated growth in the near future or facing a rise in immediate traffic. Dedicated servers are the best option for this particular situation, along with their enhanced security features and optimum performance.

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Dedicated servers are the most reliable, secure, and effective internet hosting provider that has solely one commercial enterprise web hosting on the server. It offers the enterprise entire manipulate and gets rid of the notion of multi sharing i.e. the sharing of the server amongst a range of web hosting money owed as sense in shared internet hosting and VPS server hosting. The purchaser has complete manage over security, privacy, and entire server assets for their websites.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server:

Better Performance
Full Control of Applications
Cost Savings - You Pay For What You Use
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