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Full Version: Cloud or VPS?
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To host an exam portal, which one is the right hosting service? When I searched about which hosting service is best to host the exam portal, get VPS and cloud hosting suggestions? So, I am confused between these hosting services. Can anyone please suggest to me the right option?
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Cloud VPS hosting is a great option for web hosting today. Get all the details on what it is, the benefits, and how we can help you get started!
Cloud Hosting is essentially a collection of many servers interconnected to each other via a common network, thereby forming one large server. As opposed to traditional hosting, Cloud Hosting distributes its resources like RAM, CPU, Disk Space between the servers. Owing to this, there is no delay in the delivery of CPU power or the availability of RAM.

Cloud Hosting is not limited to powering websites and web apps, but also includes storage, the need for high-end security, root access, etc.

Virtual Private Server, otherwise known as VPS Hosting is a combinational version of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

With VPS Hosting, you as a web pro can get the best of both the worlds. In VPS Hosting, one large machine is divided into several virtual boxes. These virtual boxes then have their own individual resources like RAM, CPU, OS, and Disk Space.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?
1.You are a growing business experiencing a high surge in traffic
2.You require a large bandwidth and have in-depth technical knowledge
3.You wish to scale your website as and when required, within a few clicks

Why Choose VPS Hosting?
1.You are looking for a customizable server environment
2.You wish to have your own server, but don’t have a large business
3.You wish for a Dedicated Hosting environment but with cost-effective features
Both VPS and also cloud holding offer virtualized settings and sources from a single hypervisor, as well as both require technical knowledge for successful customization.

However allows browse the differences that can affect your choice:

Cloud hosting typically lets you upgrade sources on the fly, even without a reboot of the web server, while making use of a VPS you'll need to make a reboot.

Cloud hosting deals a high degree of scalability as well as adaptability, enabling you to add and also take care of network storage space, IP addresses as well as firewall programs on the fly, yet it's normally more expensive and also has rather complex billing based on the actual use of different resources and solutions, while VPS holding generally supplies level prices.