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    How to check user's activity in WHM?

    You can follow below steps to check user's activity in WHM: Login to cpanel. Click on "ConfigServer Security & Firewall". Now click on "Watch System Logs" option and click on "Continue". Here you can check cpanel access logs.
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    How can we activate SSL certificate in our cpanel account?

    If you want to install your own SSL certificate in cpanel account then you have to find 'Generate CSR & Private Key option' option in cpanel. If you are not able to find it then it means you have to enable this option from WHM server. In WHM you have to enable this or various cpanel feature in...
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    How to change password of email account in Webmail?

    To change email account password in webmail you just have to follow few steps: Login to webmail. on webmail page you have to click on "Password & security". Here you have to enter new password of your email account and click on "Save".
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    Search Engine Optimisation Service Available?

    SEO serivce is essential for website for the traffic purpose. SEO will provide more opportunity for your business. If your hosting provider will provide you SEO service then its more benificial for you. You can easily submit your website in any Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
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    Know about the Usage of FTP

    FTP stands for file transfer protocol. FPT used to transfer file client to server, you can easily upload and download files. Its a network protocol which help in files transmission. If you are cpanel user then you can use FTP account to upload and download files from server. You can create FTP...
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    Steps to create subdomain in cpanel

    If you are a cpanel user then you have to follow below steps to create subdomain: Login to cpanel. Click on "Subdomain" option which is available under "Domains" option. Here you have to enter all the details regarding subdomain.
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    How can we create addon domain in cpanel?

    We can easily create addon domain in cpanel: Login to cpanel. Click on "Addon domain" under 'domains' section. Here enter your domain name and also you can choose your document root according to your need. And click on "Add Domain". This will create a folder in public_html folder for your...
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    Ways to detect a website’s CMS

    These provided tools are very beneficial, but we can also check details about CMS through its index file. For more details you can check about detection of website.
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    what is php curl

    CURL is simple command line tool which helps to sending or receiving emails with protocols like FTP, HTTP, HTTPS etc. You can check details about cURL.
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    What are Subdomains & Subdirectories?

    Your sub is a faciliy which is provided by cpanel which can be create in subdirectory in main domain. You can check this to know about subdomain and how to create it.
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    Step to Add A New User in cPanel

    If you want to manage your cpanel with another user then you have to create cpanel user for that. You can create new cpanel user easily with few steps.
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    cPanel VPS hosting is needed

    You can go with any hosting provider and go for VPS or dedicated server. There you can install cPanel according to your requirements and setup your server. You just have to know about installation commands. You can check detailed steps to install WHM on your VPS or dedicated server.
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    How to upload files with FTP?

    You can easily upload files via FTP account. You can use any FTP software like Winscp, filezilla etc. I always prefer Winscp software to upload files. You can create FTP account in cpanel: Login to cpanel >> FTP Account >> Here you can create new account After creating your FTP account you have...
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    How to Create a MySQL Database & Database users in cPanel

    If you want to create Mysql database in cpanel then you can follow below steps: 1. Login to cpanel. 2. Click on “MYSQL DATABASE" in cpanel. 3. Here you can create database and user in cpanel. For more details you can check steps to create mysql database.
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    How Do I install ConfigServer Security & Firewall?

    IF you want to install CSF on your server then it is must to have root access of server so you can run commands. After that you can follow below steps: Login to SSH. Navigate to /usr/src/ location. cd /usr/src/ wget Its time to extract your downloded...
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    How to Create Email Account in cPanel Control Panel?

    If you are a cpanel user then you can easily create email account in cpanel: Login to cpanel. Click on "Email Accounts" under "Email" section. Here you will find "Create" button, click on it. Enter all your details regarding email account and click on "create" button. You can also create email...