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  1. jhonsmith

    Any good VPS for $50/month?

    Yes, you can get it from YouStable
  2. jhonsmith

    Difference between Wordpress hosting and web hosting

    This is only a game of keywords. Both are the same thing. They pre-installed WordPress on normal web hosting and optimise it according to WordPress. And they call it WordPress Hosting.
  3. jhonsmith

    For Lead Generation

    Hi, While the look and user experience you want for your website is important, you still have to consider how your ideal customer will discover it. If you want to turn your website into a lead generation tool, then you have to understand the details of different website traffic sources. Your...
  4. jhonsmith

    Explain in Detail about Windows VPS hosting

    Hi Friend, Shared hosting plans power the majority of the world's websites. Multiple websites share the resources of a single server in a shared hosting environment. It is the cheapest way to host a website, but it has several disadvantages. Because the server's resources are not evenly...
  5. jhonsmith

    Know about the Usage of FTP

    Hi, File transfer protocol (FTP) is a network communication protocol that enables the delivery of digital files from a server to the client, authenticated by a plaintext (unencrypted) sign-in process. FTP Use for websites data transfer FTP web applications for File Downloads FTP client for...
  6. jhonsmith

    What are the Types of SEO?

    Hi Friend, The term SEO, Search Engine Optimization, refers to improving your site's visibility in Google search results for relevant keywords or search phrases. SEO helps in generating site’s traffic naturally. Online consumers are more likely to select one of the first 10 results from a search...
  7. jhonsmith

    Why we use Cloud Hosting?

    Why we use Cloud Hosting Services instead of traditional web hosting services?
  8. jhonsmith

    Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel

    GoogieHost is best in providing Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel and free SSL Certificate. GoogieHost providing 20 GB disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth in their free plan and unlimited MySQL Databases with cPanel access. Also, they are having 99.99% Server Uptime. GoogieHost also provides a free...
  9. jhonsmith

    The most preferred Web Hosting?

    Hey, Its only depends on your need. What resources you're required for you website. If your purpose is only learning or you want to setup any project for your study purpose the either you can go with Free Web hosting or you can buy any web hosting with some basic configurations. When we come...
  10. jhonsmith

    which is best seo plugin for wordpress

    Hey, All in One SEO and Rank Math, both are best SEO plugins for WordPress.
  11. jhonsmith

    What is SEO?

    Hey, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is only a practice to optimize your Web pages to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, with user intent.
  12. jhonsmith

    How to Create Email Account in cPanel Control Panel?

    Hey, You have no email account by default. The main username may appear to be set up as an email, but if you want to use it, you must add it as an email account. Log in to cPanel. Look for the Email section, then click Email Accounts. Click the + Create button located on the right-hand side...
  13. jhonsmith

    What is use of ALT-tags in SEO ?

    Hey, Images cannot be interpreted by search engines or other robots, but they can play an important role in how people interpret a particular web page. Alt tags address this by supplying text that search engines can read. Images with properly written alt text contribute to how a page is indexed...
  14. jhonsmith

    What is guest posting in SEO ?

    Hey, Guest posting, also known as "guest blogging," is the act of writing content for the website of another company. Guest bloggers typically write for similar blogs in their industry in order to: Attract traffic back to their website Boost their domain authority using external links to...
  15. jhonsmith

    Technology Enthusiast and Learning Technology Blogging

    Technology Enthusiast and Learning Technology Blogging
  16. jhonsmith

    What is the best free web hosting site?

    In my opinion, GoogieHost is best. Because other Free Web Hosting providers limits your skill with their Limited Features. But in GoogieHost, their is no limit. I am using their Free Web Hosting Services since 3 months.
  17. jhonsmith

    what is php curl

    Hey, cURL stands for the client URL. PHP cURL is a library, it is a command line tool, that is the most powerful extension of PHP. It allows the user to create the HTTP requests in PHP. cURL library is used to communicate with other servers with the help of a wide range of protocols. cURL is...
  18. jhonsmith

    Step to Add A New User in cPanel

    The most popular control panel is cPanel. This allows users to simply manage their web hosting account. You may use the cPanel User Manager tool to add or remove user accounts for email, FTP, or Web Disk services. I will explain, how to add new user in cPanel and manage all permissions step by...
  19. jhonsmith

    I need #1 offshore web host in Bulgaria

    There are several companies in Bulgaria are providing Offshore Hosting, but in my opinion only few are providing best features and services. Which are: SiteGround YouStable NovaHost Offshore Dedicated CloudWare
  20. jhonsmith

    Best Free Security Plugins For Your WordPress Website

    The unsuitable plugin can increase the likelihood that your website will be successfully hacked, thus it's critical to select well-rated and up-to-date plugins from the WordPress plugin repository. Here I am giving you the list of best WordPress Security plugin names: WordFence Security...