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MySQL clustering solutions? Any services ?

What are your views on auto-clustering solutions?
I am thinking to try MySQL clustering solution for my online project in the Usa.
Do you know anything about their MySQL Group Replication mechanism?
They offer many applications I can install with one click and they are pre-configured for automatic scaling - sounds great.
Any info on them and their solutions?

One of the core reasons we wanted to switch was mainly the cost to be honest – we cut our hosting bill by 75 percent.
We have several environments in production. The main technology we use are: PHP, NGINX, Apache, MySQL and Memcached. is what many developers, hosting providers need to use. Their service is much appreciated.

I've always been very happy with support - they are quick and friendly and will help you until there is a solution. Their Uptime and high availability are the must-have for e-commerce. I like their features: Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployments. Really nice solution for business online.

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