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How many keywords can we target for 1 single page?

Hello folks,

How many keywords can we target for 1 single page?

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I think targeting 3-4 keyword to home page is perfect. Otherwise it looks like keyword stuffing or you can say spamming. I have also seen many website who use 10-12 keyword in their page title but still ranking in google search result.

3 or 4 keywords in single page.

It's a pretty simple answer, but it requires a bit of thorough research and thinking. You can target as many keywords as you want. Google doesn't care whether your 1-page article has 2 keywords or 15, it's important to make the article you wrote valuable - just give it value so that Google recognizes you as a trustworthy source (as far as giving away information goes). That's why almost every website has a Blog section - that's where all the good stuff go in&out.

Write useful pieces of text that relate closely to your website and e-commerce.

As far as keywords go, a good practice is localizing them - if you're targeting a specific US region, then you might want to add a city/country name next to your desired keyword.

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