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Quickest way to rank a low competitive keyword?
So what do you think?

I know, a lot of questions could arise saying it depends on several circumstances and all. Keyword Competition, the pages ranking on the first page.

What if, you have to rank very low competitive keywords, and on the first page starts with Videos, Forums followed by few low authoritative websites.

What your strategy would be or what you follow? Done few Guest posts on 20+DA blogs and have decent social signals

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Try to generate hybrid content and let it be got the keyword in right orders within the right places, such as URL, title, headline and body.

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If you are asking the solution for low competitive keywords then as per my opinion, you don't need to work on low competitive keywords because they are not competitive then there is no use of targeting them for traffic or sale purpose. It is better to work on long tail keywords because searches will be exact for that keywords only. Do more guest posting on irrelevant sites and boost the post on social media as well.
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