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Netherlands VPS hosting packages?

My Requirements:
- 100 gbs of disk space, - 2 tb of bandwidth, - Linux, - 24/7 customer support
& I also need to register 2 .nl domains
I am considering Netherlands VPS hosting packages and also reg domains.
What do you know about them? What host would you choose? And why?

This offshore host had the best support and options the other guys only dreamed of being able to offer.
I can also add that is fair in every aspect of the word. My websites load quickly, and I can't remember the last time the service was down.

Well, team are a little pricey but you their service is well worth the cost. Their uptime is truly superb and support is always fast and friendly.
They are offering nice specials:

Well, have good pricing, fair support. I am totally impressed with these guys.
I just hope they don't grow too large and lose the foundation that is making them so impressive.

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