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Can anyone explain what is Blockchain in Social media?

Hello Internet Marketer,
As we know social media has take its place and its updating itself. I heard a new term "Blockchain" Can anyone explain what does it mean?

Thanks in Advance!!

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The way I understand Blockchain in Social Media by not being too technical is... a social platform where every activity is done peer-to-peer, without a central authority controlling the transactions.

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Blockchain technology with its smart contracts can influence the use of fake content. In today’s social media platforms, it is easy for posts to become flooded with fake content from spam bots.

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Blockchain is a public electronic ledger that stores data, which is continually authenticated by a community of average computer users rather than a central authority. It is a technology that allows digital information to be distributed rather than copied. In simple terms, it is a write-once, append-only ledger.

It was originally a mechanism for tracking the digital currency bitcoin. Today, however, it finds use in a variety of applications such as in government database, banking, and most recently, the launch of Steemit –a social media platform using Steem blockchain to reward both its publishers and curators.

So you can tell that social media platforms like Telegram are an example of block chain.

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