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Should I change Hosted Country for my Website

Hello folks,

Should I change Hosted Country for my Website, please suggest some tips for the same.

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What country are you living in? Do you travel a lot? Maybe you should find web hosting in your own country or near your country or where you frequent a lot. It will probably be faster.

Physical location of the server isn't really a factor in geo-targeting in the serps. A server in the UK might be a little quicker for UK visitors, but in the days of CDN's like cloudflare etc. IP location isn't something Google could rely on.

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It looks like your business resides in India and if your target market is India then go for Indian based hosting.

GEO-location is not much of importance unless you want to know the hosting laws of a certain country.
Different countries have different laws that govern the data hosted on the servers located in their sovereignty.
So select a host accordingly.

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