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Should we choose a free or a paid antivirus?

Hello folks,

Should we choose a free or a paid antivirus ??

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Okay, let me Explain it for you :
_________________________________[b]Paid Antivirus[/b]_________________________________________
1. Paid Antivirus provides you more features like Firewall, Sandbox, Wireless protection etc.
2. You obviously have to pay for your protection
3. You have to Renew your Antivirus license within your license period.
4. They are in No.1 Updates priority list of Antivirus companies [b](Some Companies release Virus definitions firstly for their Paid users and then for Free users)[/b]
5. Good Technical support.
__________________________________[b]Free Antivirus[/b]_______________________________________
  1. Free Antivirus provides you limited features, but in today’s time I feel those features are enough to secure your system.

  2. Wow!!….you don’t have to pay for your protection

  3. Wow!!….you don’t have to Renew your license

  4. Some Antivirus companies set these Free antivirus Updates to their No.2 priorities.

  5. Good Technical support.
[b]Now come to Real Facts :[/b]
  1. I feel Paid Antivirus provided extra features are useless If you know how to make your computer secure with a combination of tools and security products then you never and ever need a Paid Antivirus.

  2. Paid Antivirus provided extra features I feel useless.

  3. Oh! yes perhaps this point will become a controversy, but anyway I must have to tell others what I know. Antivirus companies creates Malwares and Viruses and when the user gets effected by them then they give offers to the user to buy their products to remove the infection.

  4. I used various Paid and Free security products. But I like Free ones more because of their simplicity, no investment etc.
[b]Ask any doubt if you have.[/b]
I hope this might help you Smile
Thanks for asking!

Paid Antivirus is better than free antivirus because you pay for the services and you get special status from the service provider.
Paid antivirus straddles a middle ground between the basic freebies and the feature-packed security suites: They typically offer more comprehensive security tools (such as parental controls and identity theft protection) and more flexibility than a free antivirus package, but they have fewer additional features

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