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Russia VPS web hosting services ?

I would like to get VPS web hosting. Linux. need over 50-70 gbs of disk space
Do you know anything about Russia VPS web hosting services ?
Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?

I also like pricing for such feature-rich offshore web hosting packages.
Glad I decided to host my web site with this decent provider. They have stable servers in Russia, Sweden, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Yes, you can trust them. They are present in Belarus as well. And they provide effective support service.

I've been with offshore hosting for about 7 months. So far, my experience with them have been quite positive.
Great features. Their prices are great but not the cheapest. I highly recommend these guys!

I've noticed have servers in Europe >> Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden and Russia.
Take your time to look at their discounts before making any final order:

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