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What is your favorite thing to do?

Video games are my favorite hobby.

Watching videos on you tube.

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I prefer watching you tube videos, that,s the best entertaining option for me.

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I like travelling ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I like traveling and playing video games. At the moment because of COVID-19 and lockdown it is not possible to do traveling so I am spending most of my free time doing my other favorite thing which is playing video games. I am playing couple of games at the moment:

First one is Animal Crossing: New Horizons and second one is Call of Duty: Warzone. It might not be the obvious combination for most people but I am really enjoying my time playing these games. Honestly speaking, I was getting hammered when I started playing COD: Warzone as I didn't play many battle royale games in recent past but thanks to some very useful and effective tips and tricks I found on downsights blog, I have now become a very good player and getting wins often Smile

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