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How To Track Your Offline Marketing Campaigns

Hello folks,

How To Track Your Offline Marketing Campaigns ??

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(2018-05-29, 10:29:06)Davidwatson Wrote:  Hello folks,

How To Track Your Offline Marketing Campaigns ??

Newspaper Ad Agency in Delhi

There are a few ways you can track offline marketing depending on what type of medium you’re using. And it’s particularly helpful if you want to drive consumers to your website through your offline marketing.

Here are my suggestions:
Branded links - use a unique branded link for each set of fliers, each radio appearance and each billboard your brand is using as part of its offline marketing strategy and you’ll be able to attribute the clicks on those links to that specific activity. You can also attach UTM parameters to your branded links, so that the source of traffic will appear in Google Analytics. So you could use tags like ‘billboard’, ‘business-card’ etc.
Custom landing pages - Similarly to branded links, if you drive people who see your billboards to a custom landing page, you’ll be able to attribute that traffic to your offline marketing. You’ll be able to see this in your analytics tool too. Just be cautious about creating duplicate content that might damage your website’s SEO.
Custom discount codes - If your offline marketing features an offer or a coupon, make sure to create an individual code for each activity that you are doing. This way you can see how many redemptions came from each offline activity. Though, this figure can be skewed if people share the coupon code online.
Unique QR codes - You can associate a QR code with a unique link, so you can assess exactly how successful your fliers or posters are by the number of people who scan the QR code.
Google Analytics - You can always monitor you web analytics tool for an increase in website traffic once you’ve launched an offline campaign or when your brand is featuring in the media. Any increase in traffic could indicate that your offline marketing is having an impact, though this wouldn’t be the most reliable tracking method.

To track your offline marketing promotions is by creating domains specifically to redirect visitors to custom landing pages of your site. Domain redirects let multiple domains to reach your site.

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Create domains specifically to route users to bespoke landing pages of your site to track your offline marketing activities. Multiple domains can access your site thanks to domain redirection.

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