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Are you aware of Mexico shared web hosting?

Are you aware of Mexico shared web hosting?
Are they good enough, so I can start considering and using them?

Over the course of my stay with Mexico hosting, I can say that I have had a tremendous experience.
They've treated me as if I'm the only client sometimes to make sure I'm happy.

I always look for a few things: Reliability, Support/Knowledge, Price - you get what you pay for really.
I have been using Mexico web hosting (shared account) for over 1 year.
Their plans are quite cheap when you figure what you're getting for them. Recommended.

I was recommended to try as a host that offered excellent value, and most importantly for me, as a complete novice, excellent support. the online chat facility has been very good from a customer service point of view, and they are very helpful when it comes to getting your own website up and running.

I really appreciate all the work team did for me and want to thank their team. I highly recommend this web host.
Well, the few times when I had questions they responded in less than 15 minutes. I wish all services were handled this way.

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