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What are the best ways to increase a site's position in Google?

Hello folks,

What are the best ways to increase a site's position in Google?

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The best way to increase your website ranking on Google is
1. Website's On Page
2. Off-Page

These 2 activities are the best to get rank on google.

Blog posting and link building with directories, forums and social media also increase the ranking in google.

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The first step to improving your ranking is to conduct an audit and learn about your site's usage.

It all starts with content. Study white-hat SEO and PPC - between the two you will increase your rankings.
Plus if you have a higher Page Authority or Domain Authority, you will automatically rank well on pages

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If you have a blog, then write good content and do on-page optimization first. Once you have done all of it, move to create backlinks.

For increase sites position in google then you need to do SEO of your website
In SEO Two type present
On page
On page is all about your content and keywords , so you need to create best content and find best keywords for yor website.

Cover these points in On page
1. Optimize Page Titles
2. Optimize Meta Descriptions
3. Heading
4. Formatting Content on the Page
5. Images
6. URL Optimization
7. Internal Linking
8. Core Web Vitals
9. Mobile Friendliness
10. Content Audit
11. Sitemaps
12. External Links
13. Protocols HTTP vs. HTTPS
15. Search Intent

Off page is all about link building and Forums and Guest posting
Cover these points in Off Page
1. Link Building submission
2. Coupon Codes submission
3. Offer Thread submission
4. External Forums participation
5. Guest posting
6. Business Listing
7. Classifieds
8. Sponsorship listing

Best ways to increase a site's position in Google:

Improve your website’s user experience
Write great content optimized for SEO
Get more backlinks
Improve your page speed
Fix broken links
Optimize your images
Use H1 and H2 header tags
Optimize for local search
Optimize for voice search
Aim for “position zero"

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