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Web hosting for magento e-commercing?

Hey guys,
I need your help. want to choose a good web host which is ok for magento e-commercing.
How many resources do you think I need?
Recently came across SSDVPS hosting offers - look really good.
What do you think of them? Are they good? What host is better?

I think before go with any random Magento hosting provider. First, you have to do some basic analysis then take the decision. While picking the affordable and Magento WordPress hosting provider, make a list of all the convenient hosting providers and classify them according to your necessities and budget.
While doing this sorting, you'll automatically get your future Magento hosting provider.

I've finally found a good home with SSDVPS hosting service in the USA.
The speed connectivity is ok, uptime is great as I saw my sites always up and available (online) for my visitors.

I'd to thank team for providing me with good SSDVPS hosting services.
High-speed server performance. Dedicated and passionate customer support + useful tools for the website!

I've been using for more than a year and they are excellent. I've never had a problem with them.
As far as uptime, it is very good. I have monitoring software for keeping up-time statistics and so far the uptime is unparalleled.

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