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Game that you like to play ?

Hello folks,

What is that game that you like to play in your free time ?  I used to play games once but now in my free time i usually go through updates on facebook.

Fallout 3. Although not everyone likes the game, it came out at a difficult time in my life and was gripping with the fact that the quests were far reaching and beyond any game I had played up to that point.

After the first play through, I went on to buy all the dlc packs and played again and again.

At the last count, I have played 9 times with a minimum of 255 hours per playthrough. Been every karma choice as male and female and the last few games were just for fun. I have found areas in game that are new to me on the last play despite all the myriad hours of gaming previously.

The Vault stories, the enemies, the quests and the random people. Couple that with one of the best soundtracks going and I will probably be playing again soon. Had it on Xbox, pc and ps3.

I know it's a subjective question but fallout 3 is the game I compare all the games I have played since with. The utter fun factor has never really been replicated by anything else since.

According to my way PUBG and GTA Vice City is the Best Game to play on Free Time.

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