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I'm looking for video VPS provider

I'm looking for video hosting provider:
Need over 100 gbs of disk space. 2 TB of bandwidth + helpful and skillful technical customer support.
What can you say about these Linux VPS hosting services?
Any feedbacks, reviews? What host is better?

Been with web hosting service for quite a while and I've had no problems. I recently moved servers as part of an upgrade and my site was slower for a while, but support has been very helpful in resolving CPU loading issues.

They'll give you the best services at a moderately affordable price.

IMHO, will serve your demands. They are solidly reliable, highly expedient at tech support and very competitive for the pricing. Features are very good... and they increased everyone's bandwidth for free a while ago. I like this decent web host, I'm happy.

I like decent host and highly recommend their deals.
I'm very impressed with the fast and professional support provided. The set-up was fast - I was transferring my test sites within minutes of receiving their instant welcome emails.

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