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Web Hosting Recommendations?

I decided to ask forum members if they know about this host...
I have found out ssd vps hosting provider. Thinking to host my forum with them.
The only thing I am worried about is the reliability of this hosting provider.

Will it be worth dealing with them? Do they offer any discounts?

I recommend ByteNAP Web Host. Best Indian web hosting provider. I use its Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India plan. My website runs fast on its dedicated server. No Server issue. If any problem it resolves fast. The tech team doesn't take much time. Solve any problem in minutes, not hours.

I have told several friends already about SSDVPS hosting. Great host!
The staff really cares about your site and are very friendly professionals with a true one-to-one experience.
I love my hosting very much!

99.99% - That's pretty good uptime! is a reliable and professional web host.
You'll get all the help you need from the very beginning of your relationship with these people, and at a remarkably competitive price.

Incredible hosting provider. The support from these guys is without comparison. has been a great host from what I had before. Support is top-notch! I can even text a support and get answers pretty quickly.

I'm a beginner and needed things explained to me in more detail and it was not a problem for them at all, so I felt confident to go ahead. Particularly impressed with the live chat customer service support - extremely helpful. Highly recommend hosting.

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