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Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel


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GoogieHost is best in providing Free WordPress Hosting with cPanel and free SSL Certificate. GoogieHost providing 20 GB disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth in their free plan and unlimited MySQL Databases with cPanel access. Also, they are having 99.99% Server Uptime.

GoogieHost also provides a free SSL certificate, which is essential for making your site SEO-friendly. Their hosting is geared for the most recent PHP, MySQL, and extension versions. Cloudflare and Cloud Linux are installed on their servers, which is rare for a free service.

Their name is commonly confused with Google. That is one method of attracting attention. Nonetheless, GoogieHost offers cPanel and Cloudflare, which most other free WordPress hosting providers do not.

Unlike many other businesses, they provide email customer assistance to their free users. You can also quickly download and alter many website templates using the management panel.

One of the best things about GoogieHost is that it provides spam protection for its free customers, something that none of its competitors provide. The hosting business also has some good online evaluations, which is unusual for free hosting services.

GoogieHost does not display any intrusive advertisements on your website. You may earn money by placing adverts on your website for free.

You will be given free access to cPanel as well as a free subdomain.

The hosting package also includes access to Cloudflare, which improves the security and performance of your WordPress site.

GoogieHost offers good customer ratings on the web, and most of its users claim to be extremely content with their free WordPress Hosting service.