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What hosts are good for VPS?


I have been using Webhost.pro for shared hosting.
Today I consider them for VPS.
Have you used their VPS? Are they same good quality as their shared hosting?
bodHOST is one of the best Windows VPS hosting providers in the US. This host offers an infinite number of options for building your website and applications. You’ll get goodies like load balancing, advanced monitoring, and DNS administration. These features are perfect for developing powerful platforms for gaming and streaming but will fit all needs.

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Easy to use interface. The pricing is very reasonable. The price for vps hosting solutions is great.
The guys at webhost.pro are no nonsense and respond promptly both with follow-up emails and to any additional questions I'll throw at them.
I must admit, the guys over at Hostnamaste.com seemed to do everything in their power that they could to get the situation resolved. Highly recommend their openvz vps solutions.

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