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Why should you renew your domain before it expires?


New member
A lot of thoughts craft inside your mind before your domain expires about whether you should renew it or not, but it's always a good practise to renew your domain name before it expires as it may affect your website in many ways.

Let's discuss some of the main reasons why you should renew your domain name​

1.Your precious domain name will not be lost - As you know, a domain is a key branding element of your website, and if you have the precious domain in your hands, then your website will be surely be ranking at the top. So to secure that place, always renew your domain name so that you can prevent losing it. Beware, as they will be giving you 30 days to reacquire your domain. Within that time period, do renew your domain.

2: It will not affect your search rankings for a longer period of time - you may be unaware that when your domain expires, it is not immediately put up for sale. In that case, a parking page takes its place, as it somehow affects your Google search engine rankings as your website is not visible to Google robots. By that time, other websites may have surpassed you in the Google search result rankings.

3.You will experience high down time - As the domain has been expired many all the connections is been lost with your server so for that reason there will be a high down time experiencing in the website. As it also indirectly also effects your website traffic and performance.

Hope you understood!
To keep your domain active, here seem to be a few more suggestions.
1. Domain names must be renewed every two years to be kept.
2. Guaranteed Enhanced uptime
3. Higher positioning in search engine rankings