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Any good hosting? budget is 10 usd.


I am looking for a cheap VPS hosting with dedicated ip.
budget is 10 usd. Requirements: 20gb hosting space, Dedicated ip, 100% uptime.
server much be good usa or eu location. Anyone has any good idea or any details of any provider?
What are your views on GTHost.com vps hosting packages? Are they affordable? Any other host for comparison, please? Thanks.


Reliability has been 100%. Like many webmasters have pointed out, GTHost.com vps host has provided excellent and reliable service.
The servers are fully-redundant, flexible and scalable, there is no downtime on them. Technicians are skillful and qualified.


The reliability of GTHost.com cheap vps has always been excellent and I have been very impressed with the value adds that the hosting packages come with.


FREE setup of GTHost.com vps ensures you can have your site up and running quickly without adjustments to your budget.
I feel really lucky to have happened onto a provider that does business the way I do, by exceeding customer expectations.


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Sites are always up and run as fast. GTHost.com is a very good vps hosting provider so far. They have excellent support, and prices are good.
Well done guys. Other web hosts could learn a bit from you guys on pricing, technology and excellent customer service.

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