Best hosting for ecommerce, high sql queries?


Greetings to all,
Let me explain my issue. I need to run a e-commerce site and run more than 1 lack query per hour for few days till I need to insert the products via a API/web scraping. Also run php codes. My current hosting has a limit of 45000 queries per hour, which is very less. Can someone suggest a budget hosting for same? Do you know anything about vps solutions? What host would you rather choose from these two? Why?
Take a look at VPS in Europe - BA-4G-2-50: CPU - 2, Memory - 4 GB, Disk Space - 50 GB, Traffic - Unlimited, Port - 1 Gbps, Virtualization - HVM, Location - Bratislava Slovakia, Price - €14 EUR.
You'd better look at solutions. Speed is very fast, I like this host and can highly recommend to other webmasters.
The customer support was very helpful with transfer and spent over 30 minutes with me helping to upload the files to hosting account.
For e-commerce websites and applications with high SQL queries, OwnWebServers offers the best hosting solutions with their high-performance dedicated servers and robust VPS hosting plans. These options ensure rapid data processing, excellent uptime, and enhanced security to handle the demands of busy online stores. With scalable resources, SSD storage, and optimized database management, OwnWebServers provides a seamless and efficient hosting environment. Their expert support team is available 24/7, ensuring any issues are swiftly addressed, making OwnWebServers the ideal choice for reliable and powerful e-commerce hosting.

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