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Buy VPS Hosting| GTHost.com| The Best Local Connectivity USA, CA, EU!

If you're looking for Fast Virtual Private Servers, GTHost.com is the Solution!
Real-Time Listing | Delivery in seconds 24/7

was founded in 2012 with the core concept of providing optimal service at an affordable price. At GTHost, we believe in creating a service and environment that supports openness and complete transparency. This means you know exactly what services and technical aspects you are getting before your contract begins with absolutely no surprise or hidden fees. Our Looking Glass portal supports our mission of transparency by allowing you to easily check the connectivity of GTHost network and also to perform several key tests including ping and trace.

We launched a KVM VPS service in 15 locations: Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, NYC, Montreal, Seattle, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris: https://gthost.com/virtual-private-servers/

Take a look at GTHost.com VPS Hosting Solutions:

1 CPU, 1GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 20GB, Traffic 8TB - $4/mo.
1 CPU, 2GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 20GB, Traffic 8TB - $5/mo.
2 CPU, 4GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 40GB, Traffic 8TB - $10/mo.
1 CPU, 1GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 20GB, Traffic 24TB - $12/mo.
2 CPU, 8GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 80GB, Traffic 16TB - $15/mo.
4 CPU, 8GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 160GB, Traffic 16TB - $20/mo.
1 CPU, 2GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 20GB, Traffic 26TB - $22/mo.
4 CPU, 16GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 240GB, Traffic 16TB - $25/mo.
1 CPU, 2GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 20GB, Traffic 48TB - $39/mo.
8 CPU, 16GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 240GB, Traffic 24TB - $35/mo.
16 CPU, 32GB RAM, SAS/NVMe 360GB, Traffic 32TB - $50/mo.

Looking Glass: https://gthost.com/looking-glass/
(ping, traceroute, mtr)

GTHost VPS Hosting Advantages:
- Supermicro Blade Servers, Enterprise SAS/NVMe drives, Linux Auto-deploy, Auto-backups
- Enterprise Data Centers, Fully Redundant Power Feeds (A+B)
- 100% Owned Equipment

Don't see what you're looking for? Please contact us

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