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instant server hosting solutions?


Does anybody know any seller of dedicated servers medium range like i5 with 100mbps unmeter bandwidth.
I have seen some deals here in the hosting offers section around that price, but maybe someone can suggest me from their experience?
Thinking to try GTHost.com instant server hosting solutions. Are they good? Other options?

Thank you.
ownwebservers.com is one of the few providers on this list to offer unlimited bandwidth on all its VPS plans, making it a top choice for sites with high traffic demands. Additionally, this host provides a free SSL certificate, daily disaster recovery backups, and a suite of proprietary tools for web hosting account management.

Features Are:

$7 for the first month
Then $7 monthly with no contracts, no changes
Latest of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, and Ruby
7 operating system options for Linux or Windows
Full root access and choice of datacenter


These guys are stars! Help is prompt, accurate and understandable. Fully recommended. Overall, GTHost.com deserves the highest recommendation I can give.


USA - 10 locations: Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Santa Clara, Seattle.
Canada - 3 locations: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver. Europe - 4 locations: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris.
Give GTHost.com instant servers a try.


I have several hosting plans from GTHost.com dedicated hosting provider... Just amazing service at a very sensible price!
I have had practically instant responses for any submitted support tickets and this includes throughout the night on occasions.


Looking for a powerful and cheap dedicated server? Look no further! bodHOST is here with an exclusive offer. Take advantage of our limited-time sale and get 10% OFF on dedicated server plans! Use Code - DS10.

Why Choose bodHOST Dedicated Servers?

Robust Performance
Customization Options
Scalability and Flexibility
Enhanced Security


New member
It is just amazing web hosting provider. I will definitely continue using GTHost.com reliable dedicated hosting services. Setup was fast and their tech support helped to upload all my files.


I like GTHost.com instant server hosting features:
-Excellent Customer Service, very quick response times day and night
-Very little downtime
-Quick to address issues as they arise
-Nice pricing
-Multiple locations
They've hosted several websites for me and I have no complaints.

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